recycle your pots


Turning redundant pots into new useful products.
It’s estimated that we each own about 39 redundant plastic plant pots and over the UK it is suggested there are over 5 million languishing in sheds and garages. Why? Because we all think that one day they might be useful and also up until now, plastic flower pots have been notoriously hard to recycle with most council collections and municipal centres not accepting them.

Well now your 39 pots can make a house sign or 8 bird feeders or even 39 plant labels!

Please help us turn your old redundant plant pots into new, useful home and garden products.


We are just sourcing a new freight company who can collect pots for us and should be back up and running in a few weeks.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are on a mission to collect as many redundant plant pots as possible from across the UK.
We then turn these pots back into new innovative products. It´s true ´closed loop´ recycling,
a pot one week, a bird feeder the next. So go now..... open your shed and release those pots!

Recent garden centres that have joined the scheme:

Want to join?
The scheme is open to UK mainland garden centres and nurseries.
Email for an information pack.

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